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Because You Believe

      This is Honest Tea right? So that means I can be frank one hundred percent abi? Well, God says things at time that seem utterly ridiculous, radical, strange to us... what are we to do with them? believe them or throw it away? In John Chapter 6, Jesus said that we have to eat His flesh and drink His blood in order to receive Him. Thaat* sounds like cannibalism, absurd, and people must have thought Jesus was straight ballistic. In fact they did, and they left Him at his strange words. He called them out on it, and they said "Yeaaa mayne. Something aint right about that!" (Ola's interpretation of John 6)

        But what if... What would happened if we simply believed? What would happen if we simply said, "ALRIGHT GOD! My mind can't wrap around what you're saying! I don't know how You're going to do it! But you alone are God. I receive it. If You have said it and proposed it in Your heart, then let Your will be done. You said it and I'll stand by You. I don't understand completely, but I recognize that Your wisdom is infinite. My head is too little to understand now, but at the appointed time I will." 
This season in Rehab has taught me a babe has got to believe and pray. 
Be able to stand by Him and just trust and pray, no matter what He says!  Being intimate with God means believing in His wildest plans even if we don't understand them. Why? Because He is God. All things work together for our good because we love Him.
In marriage, sometimes the spouse will be sold out and absolutely sure on something that may seem ridiculous to you, but that's how humans relate. Even still, can you be trusted to just sit (be still), watch (be observant), and pray (actively speak with and commune with God)? Humans are not perfect. Sometimes we get it wrong. If your spouse was wayyyy off, but you consistently, patiently, endured and actively persisted in prayer they will be great at the end. Absolutely fine. If they got it right, even better. Still your consistent, patient endurance coupled with active persistence did see them through! That's what I call "Ride or Die!"

Now don't be over there saying, "Say Whaaaa?!" I'm not at all saying God is wrong. No. Never. Nunca. Impossibilité (that's some french for ya)! What I am saying is that the effective and fervent prayers of a righteous person, a person in right standing with God, does make tremendous power available. Yes. Your ability to stand firm with God and pray His will concerning a thing reflects your trust and love in Him. I think I'd be right in saying, that's what He wants from us. A wife or husband earnestly praying for their seemingly radical spouse is a practical example of how such a strong Kingdom principle transcends to our every day lives. But a habit like that isn't magically implanted once you say I do, or once God releases His Word.... It starts now in single-hood with the little things. 
Get to praying now. 
Get intimate now. 
It may not make perfect sense, but it's your responsibility to pray out His will. Just trust Him and ask heck! Be Bold! Demand that His will be done! That is all you gotta do. Be persistent. Be active in endurance and consistently patient. Be faithful. 
You catch my drift?
After all, He is God alone. Do you know anyone who could create you so perfectly? He loves you and wants the best for you. Pray and leave it to Him.
Ephesians 1: 7-11, Matthew 6;10, Hebrews 12:1-3
When Jesus spoke about His followers eating His flesh, many of them left Him. Only a few remained. Guess what? They were the ones that continued doing great exploits after His Resurrection (John 6)

Are you struggling with something God said? If so, scroll up. Read Pray the italicized pink quotation. He cares and wants you to have peace. He hears. Phillipians 4:17 discusses a peace that goes beyond your human understanding, and guards your heart and mind. It's very possible you know. Just ask Him. Make it a habit to pray out His will concerning that area of your life. 
Can I ask you to do one more thing? 
Eat His flesh. Jesus is the Living Word. Reading the Bible, keeping it in the forefront of your mind and meditating on it is how you eat the Word. Ya dig? Read and pray over the above mentioned scriptures consistently and I'm very sure, you will have peace and He will move.
That's what I believe!

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