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Say Whhaaaaa: Single Ladies' Edition

The other night was such a blast that I gotta blog about it... 
even though I blogged about it yesterday
 and the week before.... 
but that's besides the point.
The other night, some lovely ladies and I celebrated the very first ever Single Lady's Day!
Yes I created a day of celebration for ladies being single the way God intended
It was such a blast! Apart from having great dessert and honoring our cravings we shared our experiences and some advice. I was truly honored to have these lovely women celebrating with me!

Oh!!! Before I forget, yes I've mentioned Single Ladies about a million times BUT I don't discriminate for the most part!!! I was also very honored to have a married woman join us! She has been a major influence in my walk of singlehood just as the other two single ladies have been. 
Without further ado, this Say Whhaaaa is specifically dedicated to Single Ladies.
*refrains from jumping up and yelling All my Single Ladies, All my Single Ladies! Oh! Oh! Oh!*

So here we Go!!

One Fabulous Rocker
This is beautiful! I saw this on a study break and afterwards I added it to my list! 
Propose in a HIGHLY creative way! 
This guy has set a new standard for a lot of women! 
Kudos and happy married life!

Two Old Ladies
Two ladies at the automat, N.Y.C. 1966 
Copyright © 1980 The Estate of Diane Arbus, llc
p.s. I Think smoking is digusting but they are cute!

Another Superb Proposal!
It was funny because I started watching it and I'm like Aww! He had his whole family in on it.
Only to realize this man summoned the whole frackalacking city!!
That's what I'm talmabout! Go 'head Isaac!
and LOL at the dancing Jews! That was hilarious.

Three Very Stylish Paintings
Hmm, let's just say I wasn't very happy this video ended the way it did, but LAWD *fans self* Hmm!!!

*Two Snaps*

Four gorgeous ladies
Go Jasmine Mans!!
I respect that she call herself a king. Yea it sounds funny but person, irrespective of sexes,
is a king, A Ruler in their own Domain (KingDom). 

Let's Pretend her train is 5' which qualifies this
 pic to symbolize Number 5
I just love the pic
and finding a pic with 5 ladies is tough mayne.
*wipes sweat from brows*

Single's Pleasing The Lord
This is an interesting lil quiz
Test to see where you are and what you may need to work on as well as explore the rest of the site!

The company that makes beautiful
fabric, has Six letters in their name.
Yea I'm creating thangs here...

Last but Not Least
Photos From last night's event:
Ms. Ola Blessed




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