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Say Whaaa: Groupie Love

Way way way back in the day, incredibly I'm quite young so it wasn't that long ago buhh wharrevah when I used to gy-gy-gyrate every weekend and party hard... I always let everyone know which clubs, djs, artists, songs, that i liked. I did it in a way that just ha-annoyed everybody! At the mention of the place, person, song etc I would just say, "I LOVE this *insert noun here*!" It became so common that after I would say it, my friends in unison would say "YOU LOVE EVERYTHING!" 
What's Groupie Love with out signs and duck faces?! Insignificant!!!!!
In case ya can't see it (click the pic), the tag in the last frame says:
And Jesus does too! ... a lot more than I do actually!
And it's true. Ola Blessed loves ya na, but I promise not to die for you! He already took care of that!
I have to admit the first time they did that, I was quite shocked, but then afterwards I'm like *shrugs* yall know what it is!! In person, at the clubs, social media outlets, at the mention of someone's name... I'm all about the love!
Welp, one extravagant night, after being uber excited because I learned a dj knew my name (._. ) my friend looked me straight in my face and was like, "Ola you are such a groupie!" She meant it with her whole being too! I thought to myself, whhyy?! But if I enjoy someone's presence I should let them know right? 
Apparently, there are some laws regarding coolness and the manner in which love and admiration is expressed. Who woulda thunk it?! Not I! 
#Anywhoo, I've learned some things die hard. I'm now super sold out for the Kingdom and guess what? Check my tweets and my facebook page and it's still the same! I'm still showing Groupie Love!
So this Say Whaaa is dedicated to just that! I am showing love to sites, organizations, channels, magazines, that (yes you guessed it) I LOVE!
here we GO!!

Number One: Youtube For Christ
This guh here is powerful. Watch it, LAUGH, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND LEARN!
She has two videos out now... trust me you want to catch up on both!
I stumbled upon this and thought, were have you been all my life?!?!
Another phenomenal lady!
These are little clips as adverts for a youth program, but it's steeped in Integrity ya digg?
Check out all the clips and her poem! I'm sure you will love them too!

Number Two: Music
Mhmm, where do I start from?! They are all so delicious!
Now this song...!! Listen to it and check out more from these artists! Bro Chosen is anointed! I thank God for his music! It's GOOD and changing lives! I have a lil testimony on it but I'll share that soon enough...
This Lola Godheld he's singing with, tha guh can Sang*. I mean the kinda sanging* that gets you to raise ya hand for Lord in the middle of the grocery store! Yes Lawd!
I'll even tell ya a lil secret. I too have been in the studio for Son! I'll be sharing some new flavor with you all soon!
Now this lady right here! This amazing talent upgraded my prayer life! Just press play

Every time I play tracks from this artist, I start praying for him! I bless God for creating him with so much talent and the wisdom to use it for His Kingdom. And then, I start praying for my husband and children! 
Note: Yes the music you listen to Really is this important! I read a tweet that challenged me, it was said that if you can't listen to your playlist in the presence of God, it shouldn't be playing! So True!
A lot of his songs are in yoruba, but the beat is amazing! Go through the album, Eledumare, and I'm sure you'll find something you like. It's all on youtube! Go 'head, you know what to do! Listen and see what I'm talking about!

Number Three: Weddings
This site was shared with me back in 2010 when I was starting my own business. I watched them to learn, but mayne I was soo impressed. It definitely expanded my vision and challenged me as a entrepreneur.
See and you thought I was gonna talk about marriage and being single! HA! Welp, this is the part where I do that! *Shrugs* I lost the site then, but very recently, God has been using it to expand my vision concerning my own wedding! His Word Says:
After Lot had gone, the LORD said to Abram, “Look as far as you can see in every direction—north and south, east and west.  I am giving all this land, as far as you can see, to you and your descendants as a permanent possession. (Genesis 13: 14, 15, NLT)
I can't say what I like and don't like if I'm not educated on the happenings now can I? If I can have what I can see then let me start day dreaming!
If you're looking for wedding ideas, tips, experts, vendors, diy projects, just something to feast your eyes or even business ideas... Check out this Magazine!
Oh and Ladies! For giveaways, they give out wedding dresses!
Oh and Fellas! Check out how other fellas proposed! They get pretty creative mayne! Be Inspired.
Ladies & Gents be sure to check out the various stylish ways different people have publicly confessed their love to one another!
Just as I confess my Love for you!!!!

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