In Definition Rehab


Most girls keep it in their youth.
Some of us later lose it as we are older.
Others hold on to it and never share it.
A few ladies share it with everybody...
Sarah's son, Benjamin The Cutie
I'm only talking about diaries!
*readjusts halo*
As promised, I, Ola Blessed promised to share my diary with you.
In the Rehab section, you get to read parts of it dealing with relationships.
Yes! I mean it!
The struggles, the hurdles, what I'm learning, my concerns, questions... all that and more.
As much as I talk, telling yall all my bidness aint that easy.
I'm just saying.
So give me time, and surely we will get to know each other better.
Oh and if you're looking for the juicy gossip, trash talk, sleazy topics, and the he left me so he'll never amount to anything but it was fun for the mean time kinda nonsensical story...
look elsewhere. 
Yea, I promised to be honest, wise, and speak with integrity. 
All that other isn't. But don't worry, I promise not to be a bore. 
LoL if you haven't already, take a sample of some Rehab flavors like Yelz I'm Celibating and you'll believe me.

Oh and if you ever have questions about me or a topic that you don't want to share publicly or want to discuss, chat, pray, throw around nice emails, contact me:

♥ I love hearing from you!! 

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