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Great Morning!
Yes it is a fabulous morning! Praise His name! If I could describe my week, I would say that it started off with a sarcastic yay. Yea you know the kind where you pretend to be excited and then within half a millisecond your fake smile falls and your real expression of I'm so over this is fully recognizable.... yea.
Then it got bad, real bad, but out of NoWhere, I was given a joy and a laughter that put a pep in my step! LoL YES! It turned around that fast that I have to be corny to express it! Have you ever seen Africans during an uninhibited praise and worship? Lawd... I'm talking about a Brother Franklin kind of praise! Yes! That's how I feel mayne! My week went from "ugh is it Friday yet" to "Say Whaaaa?! This week sweet pass honey!" What I'm trying to express adequately is that Baba God poured suga for my week! That is to say, God is the source of my joy. 
Yea, I had to get that off my chest... 
Another thing that has added to my smile is Love. Yep, yep, yep. Don't act so surprised. Well a homie changed her bbm name and it actually blessed me. I had to google it to see what's up! Yea, I got friends like that! Friends that inspire and encourage you just by doing simple things. Deep recognize, respond, and react unto deep (my translation of Psalm 42:7). But back to the topic... I googled Hephzibah and this article came up:
I found it a great read with great wisdom. So I had to share. Hopefully, just like I was blessed {encouraged to be joyful, fortunate, and envied}, you will be too. 

SN: That Brother Franklin ehn, that one pass cheerful giver! I love how everyone is just doing business as usual while he falls out and springs back up! LMBO God go make him greater... His lil dance extravagant dance definitely explains how I feel. It also vividly shows me what giving to God should be like, with Great Praise.

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