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A League of Kings

When I was little, I noticed that you physically opened doors and pulled out chairs for my mother and I.
My brother began to do the same, and I learned to be patient and wait for my turn after mommy. You were always alert on our  whereabouts, needs, and excessities that we didn't need. You allowed us to enjoy the best of life without spoiling us. Vacations, holidays, birthdays, everyday, we could be sure daddy was always there for us... and not just us, but the many that look up to you as a father. Indeed, you are not just a father, but a king.

As I began to reason as an adult, my eyes now see spiritual things. Even in your youth before our arrival, you made sure we and your grandchildren would benefit from your actions. You did not just provide a home, you protected us. The result of your determination, dedication, love, and devotion is what we enjoy today.

I remember the day I asked you, "Daddy, your young. Why do you have grey hair?" The next day, when I horribly pissed you off you answered me out of frustration, "and you wonder why I have grey hair?!" I laugh now but it definitely shut me up then. Things have never always been peachy but as a King you made sure your family knew no drought or famine. It is only as an adult I realized the hurdles you jumped! I am proud to be one of the many that look to you as a father. I am joyful to speak of you and with authority say, "Yes, that is my father" and to sing "Baba rere l'Akanni lodo wa!" The principles you have taught me, I can't gain elsewhere. Through exemplification your life speaks volumes to me, even in the friends you keep. Thank you for planting our feet on The Rock. Yes, one day, I will trade your last name for another, but take pride in knowing he will be like you. Yes. I am confident that he will provide, protect, discipline, guide and direct just as you do. Love you.

The Clan at Olumo Rock

Celebrating his life

To my bros, the One I share blood with, the Ones that I grew up with, the Others that surround me... 
we have fought, laughed, cried, and played together but no matter how tough things got we are always there for each other. To each of you for various reasons, I look up to you. I appreciate you. I love you.

To my Uncles and Mentors;
 When I fight with dad, I quickly run to you all! LOL Thank you for your years of support! Thank you for kicking my butt and sending me back to my father and Father! LOL I'm laughing but words cannot express what you mean to me. There are 10 of you that are extremely special to me. You know yourselves. In my head, I often refer to you as SuperMen because you are truly that to many people. You, along with my father, have taught me what a Man Is. A King, a man in authority in his domain that dominates and cultivates everywhere that he is and in all that he does. He exhumes excellence. He breathes grace. He relies on Him who created all things, for everything. Thank you.

Bale Mi, 1st Rib, My Companion,
I don't know you yet, but I know you. I love you. I pray for you. I'm excited for the days you will teach me and give me His Word to eat. I'm joyful for the dynasty we will build, the legacy we will leave. Just as the skies testify of His Beauty in every language, our union will shout of His Grace, Mercy, Love, and Power. Yes I know you. I pray that somehow this day, you feel the power of my love. Maybe not today but one day you will be a blessed father. Today, may you taste of His peace and joy like never before. Today may His grace rain heavier on you than a summation of times past. May His love write a new chapter on your heart. And may our days together be sweeter than an orange laced with honey.

I know just as Abraham was a father to many and left an inheritance for Many, you ALL will surely do the same.

To The King of Kings, Prince of Peace, Spirit of Truth,

Wow what a journey! When You told me I'd be here, sadly I didn't believe. Now I stand in amazement of your power and your grace. Truly the great men in my life are just a shadow of who you are. I LOVE YOU!  I see the wonders that Your hands have made, your breath has created and I am humbled. I am at peace. I am confident because No one can do these things, and somehow for some reason, You have chosen me. You called me by name. You call me your daughter, wife, and friend. You bring me to an expected end. You love me. Thank You for Purpose. Thank You for teaching us. Thank You for Blessing us. Thank You for boldness, this JOY and PEACE. Thank You for teaching my arms to battle and my lips to sing Your praise! Thank You for where we are going!

"For your inexplicable decisions and undying love for me, allow me to live with You as my Priority."- Ola Blessed

Happy Fathers Day to All Fathers who Reign as Kings

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  1. This is very dope folk. You def killed it Fam.

  2. Ola! Ola!! Ola!!! I got goose pimples... Your words got to me...

  3. Whoop Whoop!!! Thanks for the great feedback guys! I promise to post more letters to the loves of my life so stay drinking Honest Tea!


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