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Happy SLD to Me

It's funny;
yet it's amazing.
To think that I've once been here, but this time I'm here with peace. 
Today, I honor the day I made the decisive decision to be celibate... Again.
I was thinking about it this morning. Why is this one so much sweeter? Why am I so joyful?
I've done this before, unfortunately quite a few times
but this is the first time I did it with God.
beautiful ladies that celebrated Single Lady's Day as well!!!

He makes the difference.
In the midnight hour when my body was screaaamming, 
my Spirit screamed louder with a much more powerful voice.
He heard me and answered.
Don't get me wrong, celibacy is never easy. Who ever says that wasn't getting it "cracking," never had it that good or just is not that into sex. 
Period. Full Stop. End of Story.
For the rest of us, it definitely takes God.
He doesn't make it easier either, but He definitely gives strength when we are weak.
It's funny because I used to think I would die! LOL 
but I've actually never been better.

I also spoke to women who are also celibating. 
(Oh by the way: celibating- verb, the conscious act of practicing celibacy)
It was great to hear where they are coming from, where they are, and where they are believing God to take them and also how long they've been celibating! It marked my mind because some of them I've known closely and even at that I always assumed they had it all together. Now I see that it's really just the grace of God keeping us all. We are human. We have made mistakes and now we are relying on God to correct certain mindsets and to teach us to enjoy our singlehood the way He intended. 

Yea, some days we do ask God... whhhhyyyyyy?!?!? 
but when we look back and remember where He's brought us through, we shut up fast. lol
In a nutshell, I laid my sex life to rest and instead of feeling dead, I've found the beauty in it. It has definitely been worth it! 

Thanks to all the ladies who reached out to me and told me about their own journeys, those who shared their thoughts on celibacy, and especially those who shared their testimonies. 
The celebration continues tonight! I'm going out with some ladies and hopefully, I'll have great pics to post later!

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