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For my Homies

It's my nap time, but I've been having such an amazing day I gotta write about it. This morning, I did something that reminded me where I am in my life, because sometimes I forget. At times, I get so caught up in deadlines, tasks, working hard to achieve dreams, and saying whhaaaa so much that I forget where I am today, is not where I was yesterday. 
I am filled with so much joy! I can not even put it in to words, so I did what I usually do... I danced! LoL yelz I love dancing to God to show my gratitude. During my lil dance session, my mind was at work again. I started thinking about the things I need to research and want to share them with my homies... and then my skype rings. It was her, one of my homies that I was thinking about. For privacy sake To not put her on blast J I'll leave her name out...  But we just happened to be off on the same day. Coinky-dink? I think not. I just love her! While talking to her, we remembered & discussed the friendships that God has brought us to... women of power, grace, wisdom and how profoundly we agree. I have a lot to do today so I can't go fully in depth like I want to, but these women! There's something about them, they are joyfully special. 
You're probably thinking, Ola? Here you go again! What's this got to do with Rehab? Welp in rehab, relationships are everything. Especially friendships. Who do you call when you're having withdrawals and fear sets in? Not ya friend that doesn't view the situation as dynamic as you do! You call ya sisters that you agree with. Period. Full Stop. End of discussion and jam the breaks. 
So here it to the ladies that pray with me, comprehend me, can handle me at my worst, cuss me out, set me straight, give me the truth-no chaser, stand by me, are real with me (no smoke, mirrors, or holier than thou tone of voice), support me, know who they are along with the power & authority they carry, and they always speak Life into me... Thank you & I love you. 

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