In Purple Ink

Closed Eyes

Long sighs
and deep breathes.
Every time something like this happens,
for a moment
I find myself filled with dread.
I close my eyes and sometimes try not to pay attention or notice the pain.
But it's too much to ignore.
I wonder if it will ever go away.

How is it that you have birthed
the world's brightest?
Amongst the world's top intellects & billionaires,
I find your kisses.
Their names reflects yours.
Born of your soil
motivated by your toil
they all run and work hard elsewhere.
Not at all should they carry blame
I just wonder how and when we'll see change.
I hear others whisper your death
I feel the stares of your shame.
With closed eyes,
tears still release the pain.
We always say,
you will never get worse
but what we see
sometimes tells us the reverse.

I've seen your hands
I've looked at your feet.
You have suffered 
Worked all day, 
Robbed of dignity.
Bloody day after blood day
Bombs and corruption are easily associated with your name.
Photo by Akintide Akintumile
With closed eyes,
I pray.
With closed eyes,
I speak.
Despite the futility I see
I believe you carry a remarkable destiny.
May she have her way with you.
May your pillars once again stand firm.
May everyone who boasts in your shame
Only have themselves to blame
when they see your true beauty,
and remember how they mocked you
without remorse or pity.
May laughter and ruckus of joy feel your streets.
May your children walk with pride and integrity
where they once tasted defeat.
May you eat of His grace everyday
and may His favor pave your ways.
Everywhere you once toiled
I proclaim an abundance of grace.
Just as sugar sweetens tea
may your children walk in unity.
I work hard today
so that one tomorrow
you will get the praise.

This is for all of those who lost their lives due to unnecessary violence, hunger, and strife in Nigeria.
May the souls of the departed rest in peace and may the living be blessed to peaceful days.

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