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Boldness begets BOLDNESS

What a great weekend I had... to say the least.
I had an awesome time speaking, and discussing and thinking... oh and studying.
There were a lot of things on my mind and I had a great time learning about them through discussion.
One thing I’ve been wondering is what makes power couples powerful?
You look at some couples and you’re like yes, God did that! I’m happy for them! And you look at others and it’s easy to say Mhmm, iono about all that. They look great but um I’m not totally convinced they did things God’s way
Erm, I know we're believers and all, but I don't quite believe God brought those two together.

Firstly, it’s wrong of us to judge and gossip, but I’m not gonna lie. We do these things. Some of us do. I surely do, and I'm not justifying it in anyway
But even if we don’t say these thoughts out loud, we speculate and sometimes there's a lot to speculate on.

So I’ve been really wondering, what gives? Why do we do it for some and not for all? What separates the two types? 

First let me label the two categories:
Questionable vs Solidified

Next, lemme give some examples:
So I hear Jack & Jill are official and I’m like…. Yea about that 
*insert blank stare, raise one eyebrow and then blinks twice*

Cinderella & Prince Charming
*in my thickest Nigerian accent imitating my aunts*
*begins shaking tambourine and jumping all over the place*

But what exactly sets the two apart?

I have a friend who is a perfect example. This friend of mine used to get it cracking to say the least. You know there are people who party, and there are people who par-tay... she was of the latter. But if you look at her now! I mean look at her!! You would call me a blatant liar. There's absolutely no correlation between the two. Everyone can clearly see that she is living her life for Christ. There was no question or speculation about it as she was a single lady! I've even had current club heads bring her up to me and they mention how she has changed. So now that she’s in a relationship, there’s no question about it that it’s godly! There’s no question about if she has done things the right way!
I don’t even know how it came to me but I think it was God who said it in my ear…
Boldness begets BOLDNESS!!
The Homies and I are just as fierce
but I got this from
As a single woman, she has been bold. There’s no katakata (nonsense) about it or around it.
I bet you're wondering,
Ola, okay now you know. What's your own in all of this? Why is it your business? Why do you care?

My reply:
Will a single babe be single forever? Not this one! 
I want to get married, but I don't just want to be married. Yes, there is a difference. For us who want our marriages to be a positive statement for Christ, we cannot just sit around all day and expect these beautiful marriages to materialize out of thin air. 
If one does not plan for success, failure is inevitable.
So how do we get there?
If we live boldly for Christ single, God will make sure His glory shines and everyone notices His work. 
So at the appointed time, everyone will know without question or doubt that it really is God who joined these two together!
It takes people who are boldly living for Christ as singles to get there.
Yes, it is God that does the work because except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it (Psalm 127:1-2).
It takes God, our Help (Psalm 121) to do it.
Us, the other covenant party involved, also have to do our part: 
Live boldly for Him. Declare His works and Love.
I just got my third instruction:
Be Bold.

What was 1 & 2?
Marital Instructions
1.       Pray
2.      Be patient (Be Still)
3.      Be Bold for Me

He does the work, He gives rest to His beloved. All we gotta do is work with Him and be Bold.
A bold single life begets a Bolder Marital Life.
As for me, that settles it. I will boldly live a Godly single life and wherever 1st Rib is, I trust God, he's doing the same too.
Who's 1st Rib? 
Don't worry, you will know us both soonest.

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  1. KataKata just did it for me. YES!!!!!

    Love the post, wisdom and truth in this. Dopeness on 30 :)

  2. Love it ..... And you spoke IT


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