In Say Whhaa

Ohh My

It has been some time since we last spoke! I apologize! Life happened. Yes, life's curve-balls are my excuses...
Anywhoo, I'm back now. Smile because you missed me! =D
Despite my tiny hiatus, as always, I was thinking of you!
There were a ton of things that made me say "Say Whhaaa??" but I managed to narrow it down to a few. I shared these with some of the Elite, (that's what I call my innermost circle of friends but they don't know that) and they vibed the same with me so I'm sure they won't bore you.

Oh and uh, allow me to try new things!

Valley of Dead Dreams

by Rotimi Kehinde
I got this book on my lil vacation at home.
Mayne it is beautiful! I loved it! I started reading it on my lunch break and I just could not put it down!
I told my homies they gots to gets they own copy and now I'm telling you the same!
It's a great book, Especially if you've ever been afraid to go after your own dreams or if you feel as if you face a ton of opposition to pursue them!
The book is Great!

Okay na this here, LOL!
Yes, that is a great way to introduce this lil clip.
It is funny.
It is hilarious.
It has Power and Truth!
I promise not to give a sermon on why you should press play, because I trust you.
Press Play

When I first saw Number 2, I thought it was in reference to a book I read last year.

This books is GREAT! If you've ever struggled with that triple combo oxymoron then get it and choose to do and be better! 
I did and I have no regrets!
Celibacy isn't the horrible picture that is portrayed widely in today's society, but that's another topic.

These here are scrumptiously HOT!
   Vibrant Colors & a Message

                                                    One of these sweet thangs will  definitely be in my closet soon.
These two are actually my favorites but check out the site and see the other designs and select your own favorite!

What's a Say Whhaa without some music?

This song reminds me of my Promises.
It's a Yoruba Gospel Song that speaks about overcoming today's struggles and reaching tomorrow's gifts. It's simply a powerful song that declares, "I am confident in God that tomorrow is going to be Great." 
That's my loose translation.
I just realized her name is there and I'm definitely digging in to some more of her TUNES!
See what happens when you read? She goes by the name OloriKokoro for those of you who are interested.

Here's another one.
This lady sings my soul!
It's a mixture of English and Yoruba
but nonetheless very delicious.
"O Ti Se Oh" means He has done it. 
Just leave a lil comment or send me an email if you want me to translate for you.

This is the beginning of a beautiful love story!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I need not add an intro for this one!
See and Taste of this couples' LOVE!

Welp that's it for now.
I gotta stay on top of my studying but I'll try and share some more of my diary with ya soon.

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