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Who Is She?!

Yesterday I attended school church (the church I attend when I'm at school) and heard a great message about the woman who broke her alabaster jar to anoint Jesus in Matthew 26. It was said that this woman was Mary, Lazarus & Martha's sister and I kind of sat there like huh? Fa Real? Let me see!! 

So I pulled out my handy dandy BlackBerry and proceeded to google it! Just as quickly I found 3 different accounts:
1.Matthew 26
2. Luke 7
3. John 12

Previously, I always thought that there were numerous Mary's and that only the sinful woman anointed Jesus with the oil from her alabaster jar and she poured it on His feet and cleaned them with her hair. Also, I always assumed this sinful woman was Mary Magdalene. 
I didn't know Mary, Lazarus sister did the same... or wait, is Mary, Lazarus' sister the same Mary of Magdalene?
At this point I had to know!
After service I told my church buddies what I found and two of them said that yea they are the same woman. While the stories were similar they weren't synonymous and they said that's because it's told by different people. I still wasn't completely convinced but curiosity was making my mind run faster. 

What I noticed from the 3 different accounts is that somehow Matthew and John's stories correlate. Jesus was having dinner at Lazarus' place. The woman anointed Jesus' head and the complaint was that she wasted a whole year's salary and could have sold the oil and donated the money to the poor. While on the other hand, Jesus said that she's preparing Him for His burial.
According to Luke, Jesus was having dinner with Pharisees and the woman came and anointed Jesus feet. The complaints then were that if Jesus really was a prophet He would know that she was a sinful woman and this time Jesus spoke to Simon and said even he didn't offer Him water to wash His feet, but this woman used her tears and cleaned them with her hair. 

To me, that seems like two different women. Especially because in Luke, Jesus was noted for forgiving the woman of her sins. That's big. That was one of the major issues people had with Jesus then and also marveled at as well. I don't think that would have been left out if He said it to Mary, Lazarus' sister.
Also, Lazarus is from Bethany... so wouldn't his sister be Mary of Bethany?

I asked some friends of mind and I've gotten different answers. Some say she's the same woman, others say she's not.

I guess we'll know when we get to heaven and get to ask her.. or them.

Anywhoo, despite who she or they are, what they did was powerful. The pastor taught that back then it was Jewish custom for parents to give their daughters of marital age an alabaster jar with expensive oil in it. It's meant to be broken (the only way to expose it's contents) on the wedding night right before consummation where the bride is supposed to use it to anoint her husband's feet and head as a sign of adoration and admiration.
Pretty much, these babes gave Jesus their very best. Back then, it was tough, better yet nearly impossible, to get married without your alabaster box! The boldness to just come to Him in front of everyone and declare your love for Him at such a random time is definitely astonishing.
LOL If it were me, my stomach would be in ALL kinds of knots! It sounds like it took the kind of "It's Now or Never Courage" to get it done! Here the man is eating and chilling and you enter and want to anoint His feet and pretty much declare you're devoted to Him? Did He ask you?! lol 
If that happened in this day and age, I can imagine the drama from haters and admirers alike! 
Whispers of
Oh no she didn't!
Who does she think she is?
Is she serious?
She know good and well she couldn't have a man like Him in her dreams!
Good, both of em crazy and awkward. Perfect combination.

Despite all the possible opposition and crazy things that could have been said, she/they did it! They gave it all to him and that in itself is powerful. Their action is definitely a powerful symbol for the way believers are supposed to be today. Bold and unapologetic. Openly and freely living their lives for Christ. 

P.S. if you have some more insight on the topic please share! 

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2 sentiments:

  1. I believe..God wants our all..our very best we wudnt want to give to anyone else..wat we clearly cant have loosing out to anyone bt the person we love dearly...hes asking for our devotion and our crazy love !!!! n i believe thats the hard part most of us cant seem to all am saying God is asking that we LET GO off everything !

    1. I'm super late, but you are so right! your comment reminds me of two songs:

      It all Belongs to You-Damita Haddon

      He Wants It All-Forever Jones


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