In Say Whhaa

Sshh!! Not in Church!

So I thought my "Say Whaa!?!" entry for the week was fulfilled, until I saw this

It brought tears to my eyes!
He's a black man being up front and completely honest about his christian walk and how he struggled with homosexuality.
Did I say he's black?
A former Down Low brother speaking out in such a powerful way.
I hope you pressed play!
If not, do it now!!

You may be wondering, yo Ola what's the big deal?
I believe what he experienced is universal, from homosexuality to fornication, 
to drugs, pornography, etc
so many things fall under this umbrella.
This is a message coming from someone who has been there done that!
I think it's important for people to be honest about their past experiences,
especially in the church.
It's easy to pretend like people aren't suffering from various things inside the church
but the truth is, 
it's happening.
People make mistakes and sometimes they keep making those same mistakes.
The second we stop with the false pretense and keeping quiet, 
is the very second we begin to grow more and help each other. 

In one of his song, Jahaziel says,
I just hope these Christians will pray for a brother before they criticize.
It's soooo true!!
If we can't even be upfront and help ourselves within the church,
why would people outside the church want to come to us?
If we fail to acknowledge things going on in our midst, 
whether it's homosexuality, weed, suffering from mental illnesses
whatever the case may be,
how would they perceive our capacity to help them?
We just look like hypocrites.

The struggle is real man.
Around 8 minutes and 20 seconds, that's when the tears came.
Again, I can not emphasize enough that the struggle comes in various forms.
"Satan wants you to believe that you are your desires"
whatever they may be!

When he broke it down about Christ calling us to live holy 
and His people are dying because they aren't speaking...
Whoop! Pass the Kleenex. 
I'm currently working on a few projects and I'm excited, but I'm nervous.
It was more of a push of encouragement for me.
A much needed one lol.
We as humans fall. 
Christian or not.
We're humans, but I think it's Christians who walk around pretending as if they haven't experienced anything traumatic or as if they've been saved all their lives.
Not. True. At. All. 
Everyone has dealt with something to a certain degree.
People speaking out on their struggles silences the whole
"you could never know, you've never been there" argument.
Sometimes it takes hearing someone else overcome a certain thing
for others to get through it.
It breaks the wall of deception.
There's nothing new under the sun so if no one else has overcome this then, there's no hope right?
Wrong, people have overcome. They're just not speaking.
They're pretending.
I think he said it best with the lines:
No you were not born gay, just like Christians were not born saved.
So I pray tonight that we release some of the loudest secrets.
I wish we all would remember that! Everyone has their own struggle, their own story.
Hopefully, we'll find the strength to not just overcome, but help the next person too.

Oh and the brother is married! 
Talk about restoration plus interest.

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2 sentiments:

  1. I'm impressed. Such honesty in wordplay. This reminds me of the song "Stained Glass Masquerades" by Casting Crowns. God bless those guys

  2. yess mehn!! The boldness it takes to get up there and say that in front of sooo many! It definitely was a remarkable piece with exceptional delivery.


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