In Say Whhaa

So Erm

It's Friday night and I've begun my usual routine...
Watch a tv show (this month's selection is New Girl), 
take a 2 hour nap (which is more like a slumber),
and study, study,

Welp, that plan was aborted about 4 hours ago when I realized I couldn't sleep. 
I figured this would be a great opportunity to catch up on some Say What Nah, Randomness

So here it goes.

1.That picture above...
It makes me smile.
That was a random pic of me 6 years ago!
I was just starting my college experience then.
It's funny. That Ola is definitely not the same Ola who's writing this.
Times have changed and I have grown.

2. Nigerian Traditional Weddings
I love love love Naija weddings!
These may be a bit old but I love the color scheme in the 1st one and the decorations and whole 9 yards in the 2nd one is amazing...
Sike & AJ
Bukki & Jide
The photographers did an excellent job!!
They both also feature gorgeous white garment weddings as well.

2. Poetry
Here are a FEW poems that I either stumbled upon or were suggested to me.
Poetry is my thang! I love listening to it and I also perform too.
Either way, I say they're worth watching & sharing.

Toyin Dada
I literally just stumbled upon this.
Her passion is clear and you can tell it's from her heart. 
From one ex-slave to another, nice work fam.

Another One
That is Beautiful.

Jasmine Mans
Now this girl right here, a lot of you probably know her.
If you don't, proceed to google now.
I believe she's currently featured in Glamour.
I haven't seen it yet, but I read a tweet referring to that.
Follow Me:
And Follow Jasmine too:
This was one of her 1st poems that I heard.
Very touching...
My favorite line from this poem is
Never regret loving in permanent ink.
I can write a whole post on this poem mayne. 
Although her lovers are of the same sex here, the same situation happens 
between opposite sex lovers every day.
Very heavy something.
I also love how she ended the poem too.

Janette...itz: I Will Wait For You
This is my number one favorite
I listen to this at least once a week.
Sometimes it gets tough in these streets! 
It's important to remember always, what's the point of all this "waiting."

and last but definitely not least
The Truth Without Photoshop
Janette...itz again with a very heavy piece.
Here she reveals some painful past experiences, 
and the beauty in them.
I cried the first time I heard this one.
I commend and applaud her bravery for sharing such a story with the world.
I think people should do it more often.

I heard a few songs online and downloaded the whole mixtape.
My favorites are I'm alive & What I do (remix)!

Welp, it's time for me to go for my jog... before it gets too late.

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  1. Hey hey! I just stumbled on your blog. Love it! How are you?? BTW....guess who?? (my bed was across from yours in the first pic)

    1. HAHAHA!!! Ms. Anonymous aka Bolanle!!! Thank you!!! We NEED to catch up soonest!!


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