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My Resurrection Sunday

This is the first time in my life 
where I'm not surrounded by family, friends, and a million familiar faces. So I was a bit unsure about how my Resurrection Celebration would go this year, but to my surprise it was quite interesting.
It had its ups and downs
 but overall it was a blast.
I learned that I understand Papiamentu, one of the local languages, far better than I thought, 
my classmates learned that I speak with passion.
 I ate sooo good,
we played charades almost a million times 
(it was a ton of fun though... I had to act out/describe a palm wine tapper, 
and my team still figured it out!! Very Nice),
people loved my cooking
 {unfortunately I wasn't use to that but my cooking skills have gotten better... 
that's a-whole-nother topic though},
and I got a great chance to start some heavy convo with friends.
It was great sharing good food and dialogue with people who aren't where they usually are, doing what they usually do with friends and family.
It was sorta like we formed our own little family.
They definitely made it one Resurrection Celebration I will never forget.

A part from all of that, 
something happened where I saw this day with a whole new light.
The 1st sermon was based on Ephesians 6:12.
The 2nd one was about walking in love with all men.
They both made me think.
(By the way, I go to church school and like to watch my church home services online.)
I'm used to being rude and calling people out when I see disloyalty, pretenders, lies, and all the different facades people walk under for reasons known to them.
Bad pretenders are a pet peeve of mine; at least be good at your trade whatever it is...
I can be rudely blunt at times and if a person decides to be fake, why not let them know they're only fooling themselves?
Well, maybe it's maturity or something because I just don't see it that way anymore.
After listening to both messages I realized that 
Jesus knew Judas would betray Him from the beginning.
He also knew that Peter would betray Him way before that last dinner.
He knew Thomas wouldn't believe He resurrected until he touched His hands and body.
But yet He still kept all of them on His team. He never bullied them and not once did He call them out on it. 
I would have lol I'm laughing just thinking about it.
Oh you can cut peoples' ears off now but don't act like you don't know me later!
He truly loved them all.
hhmmm, I gotta work on that...
I gotta do my best now to exhume agape with e'erybody and they mama now! Even more so the people I'm not prone to liking.
It has definitely challenged me to choose my battles more wisely as well.
With their own hands, everyone will eventually show who they are.
What's my own business there...?
Who no go know, no go know, but true colors go surely show.
yea, I made that last part up... lol

Sorry, I know Resurrection Celebration is a mouth full but I don't see what bunnies and eggs have to do with His death and rising. That's my tidbit.

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