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The Temperamental Vending Machine

Similar to many public locations, my school has a vending machine.
Ours is just a little... special.
For some reason, it only dispenses what pleases it. Yes it's true you put the right amount of change in it. Yes you did select the very item you spent precious time thinking about during lectures, but depending on the flow of the breeze, the wonderful vending machine may decide to tell you "Make an Alternate Selection."

 Yes you can stop over analyzing and wondering why the very item you are looking at, paid for and selected is not going to be released. It just won't happen.

On the other hand, some days she's very generous. Just press the item number and voila!! She'll give you whatever and how ever many you want for the very lowest price of free-ninety nine!

One day, aware of her ways, I pushed the proper buttons for a capri sun to make sure I wouldn't be trapped in getting something I didn't want (she's a very smart business woman, there are no refunds). I was shocked when the spiral guards began to move and a gift was released for me! ^.^
I thought, "heck, since you're in a good mood today, let me get a pack of skittles!" 
{Okay well, it was more than a pack, but back to the story...}
As I was waiting for my little goodies, two classmates walked by and I let them know the machine was malfunctioning. Before walking away, I said, "I bet this counts as stealing." One friend who didn't take anything replied, "yep it does." While the other, saw it as taking revenge for not receiving desired goods previously.
While I was happy and perfectly okay with my stolen goods, I realized how broad the sentiments for the vending machine ranged.
It's funny because no matter how many "free" things people take from her, some people will remember her for her bad days. Instead of considering that possibly, she could be reacting to some kind of environmental change, she's just a faulty and temperamental machine. 

Where am I going with all of this?
Well, just as people find it easy to judge a simple mechanical machine that's subject to its environment, the way it was programmed and created, they find it easy to judge and make assumptions about one another before inquiring more information.
Growing up, I was the very emotional, reactive, and talkative Ola.
Now that I'm a bit older, I manage my emotions differently and I talk less.
Just like the vending machine, I have my good days and bad days. I'm not giving out free thangs on good days or being abruptly rude on bad ones though. I just stick to myself,
but unlike that dang vending machine, I have a mouth and a brain. I can explain myself or how I'm feeling if someone asks me a question.
Instead, people don't ask. They just make their own conclusions on what's going on in my life.
Other times, people ask but because they've already made judgments on what they think is going on or how they think one should be feeling due to whatever, they don't really hear a person out when they speak.
This little dilemma has caused me to retreat more and more into myself as my circle of friends gets smaller and smaller and as I get older.
What's the point of speaking if people are extremely quick to think, fast to speak, and sluggish to listen?
Communication, emotions... Ola shall overcome.
I just sit and wonder and write upon all these things.
All in all, I'm very aware that people don't just make assumptions. I have a big part to do in how I'm perceived as well. I've done a great job at managing the way I react to things and I'm way more careful in choosing my words, but as anything in life; there's always room for improvement.
Unlike that vending machine, I'm a work in progress.

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  1. "Unlike that vending machine, I'm a work in progress."
    I love this...

  2. Your blog is very interesting.Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Dear Vending Machine Company... thank you. :)


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