In Say Whhaa

Ola B, Say What Nah?!

Honestly, I don't have much to say lol
I'm always writing in my diary and finding things to share and I decided to put a little weekly posts on random things from my diary and things that peak my interest. 
Some poems here,
some thoughts there,
some reviews in between,
and maybe some songs even.
I'm not big on t.v. so don't expect my review of the grammy's or what beyonce wore to the gas station on a regular on here, because I wont lie... I'm not that current or hip.

Oh and yea, follow me on twitter!
Be forewarned, I'm Razz.
*Shrugs Again*

All in all, here's the first 
Say What?! Post

1. Closer by Leke

Flowing to my gospel mix, this Leke guy kept coming up in the suggested videos. I finally pressed play and I loved it! He's definitely going to be in my mix more.

2. Untitled- 1000
 I usually write long "ballads" (I use the term loosely) but here is an extremely short and sweet (at least i think it's sweet) one that I wrote a few days ago.

If I had a 1000 tongues,
I'd sing you a symphony.
I wouldn't sleep.
I wouldn't go to class.
I'd just sing of your beauty.
I'd sing to make you happy.
Since I don't,
I'll live a life that's comparable to a beautiful melody.
Just a gift to show how much I love You.

SN: for those who are familiar with my poetry. I'm going to record Mrs. Jupiter, my favorite poem, and post it here soonest! ^.^

3. Sho- Baraka
Yo!!!! I love this song!!!!!!
Peacocks may try but they know I'm fly!!!
or something like that, but sha press play!
I love "love songs!" Note, I said love not lust! So you can pass me with all that otherness, but jams like Asa & Jeremiah Gyang- Comforter, M.I.-Forever i can dig it.

Other Jams I'm digging and frequently playing,
Bishop Paul S Morton- For Your Glory (favorite)
Sinach- More of You (favorite)
Chidinma- Run Dia Mouth
Mali Music- Kadesh (favorite)
Mali Music- The Job Experience
Morachi- Marry Me
Keziah Jones- My Kinda Girl
Sarkodie ft Efya- I'm In Love with You (buh i got 20% idea of what they're saying! i like this song simply because it's an honest love song. It's a pretty good explanation at why fools fall in love... because they are human. Not that Efya & Sarkodie or anyone who has been in this situation is a fool oh! Biko! Just based on how the guy made a mistake, came back and apologize and despite her pain, the babe still loves him. simple.)
and yes I'm aware some of these songs are old!!! 
And so?

5. Word!!!
Na, this I stumbled on in between studying.
It is sweet.
What marked me most was the point about men having to cultivate (improve, encourage, motivate) their woman.
She won't be perfect! Na, don't get me wrong! This is no way an excuse to be a sloppy chic and not work on yourself, but it shows that no one, man  or woman, is going to get a perfect person. Because no one is perfect!
Anyways, let me not start a sermon of my own ^.^

6. And with that, here's another...


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