In Purple Ink

I Know

I know how she felt.
The one who caressed and anointed His tired feet,
the one who they found it easy to mock,
the one who they condemned in their hypocrisy,
belittled in their arrogance;
I know how she felt.
Condemned by my own sin
mocked by my own reflection.
I know how it feels to stand in His presence,
Water His feet with tears so bittersweet,
to be received, 
looked upon,
embraced with loved,
cleansed and freed by the one with such Majesty,
the One so high it’s a wonder He considered me
even in my lowly state.
Overlooked, neglected, down-trodden, and degraded by so many
It’s amazing that he wants me.
You didn’t, and neither did he, but He did.
And that’s all that matters to me.
Not just my body
Not just my smile
Not just my brains or my creativity,
He wants all of me.
Forget the bended knee,
The ring,
This right here is for all Eternity.

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